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Gus being given the award for “Northumberland Pub Of The Year” from CAMRA on Saturday 15th March 2014.


The John Bull, or simply ‘The Bull’ as it is known by the locals, is a small traditional freehouse in the historical town of Alnwick, Northumberland. The pub is situated in Howick Street in an area built just outside of the original town walls sometime around 1830. Records show the building as having become a beer house shortly after construction and so it has remained until the present day. Today this ‘back street boozer’ is developing an ever increasing reputation as offering a warm welcome to anyone wishing to sample one of the Real Ales and/or Malt Whiskies.

Having bought the pub in 1999, the owner, Gus, moved north from Lincolnshire and has very quickly become an adopted Northumbrian. The pub has changed little over the years other than the introduction of a wider variety of Real Ales, an annual Beer Festival, the opening of a small Beer Garden and a ‘games’ corner. At the same time it has retained the traditional pub activities of darts and dominoes. It is also one of the few remaining pubs to retain the North-Eastern tradition of the Annual Leek Show.

The pub is an ever-present in beer guides and is renowned for both the variety and the quality of its ales.